Book 975 Jose Carlos Somoza – Lady Number Thirteen

As yet this book has not been translated into English so I guess it’s a matter of waiting.

Speaking of English translations

Incidentally one book I did not review yet is Jonathan Littel’s The Kindly Ones (Book 997) as the english translation was not published at the time of writing. I have secured a copy and I plan to read it by the end of  October. So watch that space!



2 Responses to “Book 975 Jose Carlos Somoza – Lady Number Thirteen”

  1. lizzysiddal Says:

    I find it puzzling that the Somoza including in this list is one not yet translated into English when there are a number of Somoza’s that have been! If you want to try him, I recommend both “The Athenian Murders” and “The Art of Murder”.

    • deucekindred Says:

      I find it a bit infuriating as well. When the book was being compiled I wish the editors did take into account the availability of the book. I am hoping that there will be an English translation out soon.

      Thanks for the recommendation though! i’m now curious

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