Book 953 Zadie Smith – White Teeth

I first read White Teeth on January 1st 2001, I had read that the book begins on New Years day (albeit 1975) so being the student that I was I felt that it was appropriate and symbolic to approach the novel on the same date.


I still think that White Teeth was a turning point for me literature-wise. before I was reading a lot of Amis, Self , Pynchon, Easton Ellis and Paul Auster – non of these really spoke about the foreigner adapting to his culture. As I have lived and moved around quite a bit (from Indian Reservations , to huge cities to Malta)  in my live, I have always found it difficult to understand other cultures and through the narratives of Archie Jones and Samad Iqbal, I related a lot to this.

White Teeth does have a rather complicated plot but in brief it is about the Interracial marriage of Archie Jones and Indian immigrant Samad Iqbal, who strives to bring up his family under the Muslim faith. add to this the Jewish-Catholic Chalfens  and you have one heady mix of religion, education and everything else in-between . By the end of the book, the younger characters react against all that he or she has absorbed during their childhood.

Clearly this is a book the deals with relations, and very intricately but I also think it questions on how ‘English’ does one actually have to be? and are rejects of a certain culture mean you are part of that specific society?  Smith tackles these things brilliantly and this is what drives one in reading the novel.

However it is not perfect. Back then I found some bits dragging and the ending a bit rushed but other than this it is a fine fine debut.


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