Book 914 Alan Warner – Morvern Callar

I read Morvern Callar back in 2002 , just before the film was released (usually when there’s an adaptation I read the book beforehand) and I simply loved it.  I was working at the bookstore at the time and I could relate to Movern’s depiction of the typical 9 to 5 job.

One day Morvern Callar wakes up and finds out that her boyfriend has committed suicide. The only thing he leaves is a novel on his computer. After debating the situation (and looking for an escape from her routinely life) Morvern decides to print out the manuscript and send it to a publisher.

The book is accepted and Morvern finds herself with a lot of money from the book’s advance. After a stint in Ibiza (where things go horribly wrong) she returns quite poor and settles back (more or less)  into life.

I like a book which I can relate to and Morvern Callar showed up in my life at the right time. On the plus side Callar is also mentioning music – something, which can render a book out of date but here it works fine ( in the novel Callar carries a walkman and tell us what she’s listening to – i carry a discman all the time so I have a constant soundtrack ). Also it’s in musical working class Scottish dialect that made Irvine Welsh’s early novel great so I bonded with this novel nicely.

Combining realism , satire and a dose of black humor Morvern Callar is a perfect read. It may not be up everyone’s alley but if you’re for that stuff then do check it out.


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