Book 906 Michel Houellebecq – Whatever

Since this is Houellebecq’s first novel, I guess that this will be the last novel written by him that I’ll be reviewing.  But to be honest it’s not too different than the other ones that I’ve read.

The book is about a man who works in a computer firm and write short philosophical stories on the side. Like most characters in a Houellebecq novel, he notices the mundane aspects of his life and his colleagues.

Eventually he goes on a tour of France in order to teach other people the computer programs his company sells. Again the narrator observes the stupidity and the sheer banality of  their lives and his. There’s even a part when he tells his frustrated workmate that he should kill the girls who rejected him.

By the end of the novel the narrator goes insane but still does not change his worldview.

Whatever is a typical French novel through and through. Depressing, negative and reeking of existentialism. but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t like it. Probably I’d appreciate it more when I was 16 but I totally knew what Houellebecq was on about.

I’m wondering why The French are so good at writing these sort novels?  Can anyone answer?


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