Book 882 Alvaro Mutis – The Adventures and Misadventures of Maqroll : The Snow of the Admiral

As this book is actually a collection of seven novellas, I though it would be a good idea to write a short summary of each story and then another blog post on the volume as a whole.

For the uninitiated Maqroll is a bit of an unlucky character and yet he has a blessed life. He’s brainy, is impervious to diseases and occasionally gets to bed a good-looking woman. His problems start when he is thinking up of ways to make money.

The Snow of the Admiral is the first Maqroll story and I can see why there was a demand for more stories with this character as it’s absolutely fantastic.

Maqroll is one a barge with a mission : to go to some sawmills at the end of the jungle and sell some wood to the curvaceous owner Flora. The only drawback is that everyone on the ship is either drunk, a criminal or a loser. Not to mention that the jungle can be pretty sinister and make people insane.

By the end of this journey nothing is achieved and Maqroll returns empty-handed.

As this story goes, I laughed, loved Maqroll’s philosophical interjections and even some of the dream sequences are bizarre. I was reminded of Maupassant many times ans Mutis evokes the same kind of surrealistic terror.

As first steps go thisĀ  one lifted my mood. Let’s see what the remaining one are like. …….


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