Book 882 Alvaro Mutis – The Adventures and Misadventures of Maqroll : Ilona Comes with the Rain

The second novella out of the seven Maqroll tales is an improvement on the first and considering how much I loved it, that is saying something.

This time round Maqroll , through the suicide of one of his friends. has to land in Panama City and eke out an existence. After some bizarre occurrences in a hotel he bumps into a Hungarian woman called Ilona. Later on we find out that she has taken part in many shady deals with him in the past and since both are penniless they think of a new scheme to get rich quick.

Finally they succeed in setting up a ‘House of Assignation’ and get the girls to dress up as air hostesses. All goes well with some weird customers until Larissa walks into their midst and things take an even more bizarre turn.

What I’m liking about these novellas is that the bizarre and surreal happen but Mutis makes them completely believable, probably because he focuses more on the dark side of  human perversions rather than surreal things happening due to the environment. Anyway so far they make up for fascinating reading.


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