Book 882 Alvaro Mutis – The Adventures and Misadventures of Maqroll : Un Bel Morir

The third tale of the Maqroll series is slightly different as it’s told from the third person. Other than that Un Bel Morir takes the Maqroll legend further as it creates links with the previous two novellas.

An aged Maqroll  does not feel like travelling any longer so he stays put in a small village called La Plata. As what has been happening Maqroll soon gets swept up in a money-making scheme. He has to go to a remote mountain village to deliver railroad equipment.

*Spoiler Alert*

Soon Maqroll discovers that he is actually caught in an illegal weapons trade and is arrested, being Maqroll everything is sorted out and he leaves La Plata in search for a new country and he is broke again.

In a way the Maqroll books follow a small formula Maqroll is poor , makes money, sleeps with a bombshell and then loses money. Despite this these stories are highly addictive and entertaining. Plus with each novella we get some more secrets about Maqroll’s past.

Onto book four!


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