Book 882 Alvaro Mutis – The Adventures and Misadventures of Maqroll : Abdul Bashur, Dreamer of Ships

The penultimate Maqroll tale serves two functions. One is to tie up any loose ends Mutis has written about in the previous stories. For example we see what happened to Maqroll after he left Panama City (the tale is Illona comes with the Rain) , how the narrator and Maqroll’s best friend Abdul Bashur met and some facts about a couple of the adventures that Mutis lightly mentions in the older tales.

The second is to demonstrate the strong friendship between Maqroll and Bashur. Although they come from two different worlds they are inseparable and need each other to  get away with their get rich quick schemes. In fact whenever Maqroll manages to weasel out some cash now and then he gives to Bashur so that he fulfills his one and only hobby, buying boats (which he sells later on due to his financial situations)

I’m on the last novella now and I feel that I’ll be finishing it in an hour or so.

Here we go!


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