Book 882 Alvaro Mutis – The Adventures and Misadventures of Maqroll : Amirbar

The fifth Maqroll story  is different from the previous ones. As we have seen these stories either take the form of a diary or narrated from the author. However a different tact is used and Maqroll is telling the narrator one of his more memorable adventures.

It also is the first Maqroll story not to take place on a boat. This time Maqroll recounts his days as a miner (we are given hints of this in the first book ‘The Snow of the Admiral’) As most Maqroll stories we have the romantic tryst and then the twist where he loses all his money.  Amirbar (the name of the mine he chooses) also contains some clues on how Maqroll first met Flora, one of his favourite lovers.

On the whole it’s a good story but so far it’s hasn’t really topped ‘Un Bel Morir yet.

Onwards to story number six!


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