Book 870 Jeanette Winterson – Written on the Body

My first encounter with Winterson was in 2002 and the book was her debut Oranges are not the only Fruit. I did not like it at all. I found it over emotional and verging on the pretentious at times. Although I approached written on the Body in the same way, the exact problems started to crop up.

Do not get me wrong though. Written on the Body is a very sensuous love story and there are many beautiful passages which spill off the page. It is a tale on both physical and spiritual love and Winterson goes deep in the subject. As a huge plus point we don’t even know the sex of the narrator (although I kept on thinking that it was a female) so there’s a lot of ambiguity. Not to mention the section which focuses on body parts, which is a complete stunner.

My gripes start with the fact that sometimes Winterson can get a bit over emotional in her writing. There were times when I would cringe a the narrator’s inner thoughts on the lover’s husband. I also felt that the ending piled on the melodrama. So I can’t say that I loved this novel.

Although it may not be of any huge importance, does one think that there is a female and a male view on love? When reading this book I felt that the narrator was a female due to the constant emotions and passion she had for her lover.


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