Book 859 Pat Barker – Regeneration

I read Regeneration back in 2002, At the time I was going through a Wilfred Owen phase and I wanted to find some literature which focused on the first World War.  This was the first one that cropped up in my search.

Regeneration is mainly based on the more famous people who took part in WWI , such as Siegfried Sassoon , Dr. William Rivers ( who was to have a bigger role in the third book of this trilogy, called The Ghost Road) Robert Graves and Wilfred Owen. In fact the book opens up with Rivers reading a letter from Sassoon, who is denouncing the war. This is basically the theme which runs throughout the novel. We get Wilfred Owen composing Anthem for Doomed Youth  (this is the best bit of the novel) Dr. Rivers examining war-torn patients  and so on.

Earlier this year I read The Ghost Road and did not like it too much. Regeneration is the strongest book out of the two but so far the best book I have read about the subject still is Sebastian Faulk’s Birdsong.


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