Inbetweener 14 Paul Auster – Invisible


I just adore everything that Paul Auster writes (well his fiction anyways) and Invisible is a sign that Auster is still at the top of his game.

Adam Walker is an intellectual who stumbles upon they fabulously wealthy and immoral Rudolph Born. After they strike a friendship Born offers Walker the deal of a lifetime. Unfortunately this all falls apart due to Adam having an affair with Born’s girlfriend and an action which Born commits which has severe repercussions.

We jump to the future and everything is told through the eyes of Adam’s friend Jim. Adam is dying and he sends a manuscript of his experiences to Jim. As us readers find out. Born’s action brings Adam to Paris, where he plots out the ultimate revenge, which doesn’t work out either and leads to even more deadly consequences.

Invisible contains the usual trademarks one finds in an Auster novel. ‘The book within a book within a book’ , the use of coincidence and chance and complicated relationships. Although Auster has used these techniques before they are quite fresh in Invisible and there’s a new sort of accessibility which appeared in Timbuktu and is in full use here. I would say this is Auster’s first genuine page turner (not that his previous novels weren’t but here it’s more pronounced) I felt that there were shades of Philip Roth and Ian McEwan (there is one controversial scene which echoes the latter greatly).

On the whole this is an excellent book and well worth reading.


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