Book 844 Lorrie Moore – Like Life


The short story collection is a weird thing.  With the exception of Roald Dahl and Guy de Maupassant, collections can be very patchy. There’s always some amazing short stories but you’ll have a couple of stinkers in the mix.

Thankfully in the eight stories here, there was only one which I didn’t like so I guess that’s a good sign.

Moore doesn’t really write out a fleshed out story, rather the pieces here set a scene, make you smile and absorb the poetic quality of her writing. Moore’s characters are mostly losers who try to escape their normal life and they always nearly manage to.  Whether it’s a frustrated playwright, a guy who loves self-help books when his personal life is falling to pieces or a woman dating a rather uncultured Jew (and this is standout) ,  Like Life has a way of weirdly identifying with her characters.

I can’t really expand as I’ll give a lot away so it’s better to just let you explore the collection.


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