Book 843 Jeanette Winterson – Sexing the Cherry


I must admit that when I found out that I had to read another Jeanette Winterson my heart did sink a bit. After all the two novels I read by her weren’t exactly my favourite books of all time. I tend to find her self-indulgent and over emotional at times.

Sexing the Cherry was different. It’s a more light-hearted affair which combines fantasy with feminism, mixed in with concepts of time and space. It does contain Winterson’s usual themes but there’s a more flighty aspect. At times I was reminded of Angela Carter’s fairy tales.

Jordan is adopted by his giant dog keeping woman (in the 17th century) and by the time he comes of age he sets off to travel both the physical and metaphysical world. During his travels he encounters the twelve dancing princess – who all have a story to tell him and help him realise the role of the male in society.

We jump forward in time 20th century and Jordan is cast again as a navy cadet and his mother is an environmentalist. This time Jordan tries to connect his present day self with the 17th century one but gives the impression that the previous life is made up.

I can’t say I loved this novel as at times I felt that there could have been more added but I was satisfied and glad that there is at least one Jeanette Winterson that I can definitely recommend.


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