Book 842 Paul Auster – Moon Palace


I have been staring at this screen for the past ten minutes with a million thoughts whooshing through my head. I honestly having a lot of trouble trying to express the complexity of this novel.

I could give a very superficial explanation but honestly I would feel like I’m cheating Paul Auster, myself and the people who read this blog (even though I think that amounts to a grand total of ten people). Funnily enough when I tried describing the plot I felt like I was saying something banal, even way too simplistic. In cases like this I would rather mention the themes that are present in Moon Palace.



Chance & coincidence


Reality and fantasy

Also if I were to expand on these themes I would give away the twists and turns this novel contains. Moon Palace is a sort of journey, especially one of discovery and consequences. Is this a mirror of life? I’m not sure. Although our lives contain events described here,  there is some exaggeration.

I’ll just say this

Read it.

Devour it.

Learn some lessons.




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