Book 814 Amos Oz – Black Box


Sometimes events do have a way of coinciding at the same time. When I was reading ‘Black Box’ there was a huge fracas about the divorce bill being passed in parliament and whether or not if it was going to go through despite the fact that 52% of the Maltese population wanted it (there was a referendum in May) Black Box touches upon the subject of divorce, and this being Amos Oz, much more.

It’s a simple story. Through various letters and telegrams and estranged wife is asking for her husband for funds as their wayward son has caused more problems than the wife and her new husband can handle. From then onwards we discover the couple’s past and the role other characters – mainly the new husband, Michel and the ex’s lawyer, Manfred , and the son Boaz – had to play in the shaping of their destinies. Both parties have not acted as they should and yet it seems that love is being rekindled. This is further emphasised in the final letter when the ex husband undertakes a decision that affects everyone. It is also one of the most melancholy uplifting pieces I’ve read so far.

Incidentally the Black Box is Boaz. Although the couple’s marriage was like a plane crash there was one surviving feature that has remained indestructible.

Black Box is a brilliant novel. I loved every bit of it. If I could describe it in one word it would have to be  ‘Poignant’



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