Book 813 Paul Auster – The New York Trilogy






I read The New York Trilogy back in 2000 when I was still a student.  Other than the bits on language and it’s usage in society (hey I’m a Philosophy student after all) I had trouble remembering the other points in the book. Thus a re-read was necessary.

The book is composed of three loosely connected novellas. City of Glass is about a detective writer who assumes a fake identity and prevents a person from being killed, The second, Ghosts is about two spies watching each other and the this The Locked Room is about a writer who tries to locate his missing friend.

As such the mystery is secondary. Within these three novels Auster expands on many post modern ideas such as the use of language, writing and identity. These are all themes which have occurred in later novels.  One thing is that I noticed that after eleven years I discovered more hidden surprises within the novel and it stood up very well – Actually I preferred reading this time round.

Although I cannot find any faults, I still say that next to Moon Palace of Music of Chance , TNYT is slightly weaker than the previous novels I mentioned. But by saying that the rest of these books get a 10/10 while this one receives a 9.5. It’s also the best Auster to start off with.



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