Book 809 Patrick Suskind – The Pigeon


I read ‘The Pigeon’ back in 1999 . The sole reason why I picked up the book is because I detest the said bird of the title. It turns out that it’s a book I related to ( I immediately read Perfume after but that’s another blog post).

Jonathan Noel is a very routinely person. Every morning he gets up and then heads of to his job as a security guard for a bank. However one day he sees a pigeon in his appartement corridor and his life turns upside down.

Noel starts to question his existence, job, surroundings and his sordid past, where his wife left him. Although he is depicted as a simpleton he does get quite philosophical , the high point being a tramp defecating in front of him. As Noel finishes his shift and plans his future the pigeon disappears and life goes back to normal.

‘The Pigeon’ is a very witty look at the human psyche and how inner chaos can be caused by one chance event. The character of Jonathan Noel is excellent as his worldview is warped and humourous.  When I read this novella, I was working a very dull 9 to 5 job and  so I could definitely agree with Noel’s philosophies.

It’s funny that The Pigeon is overshadowed by Perfume as I think it’s equally great. Anyone out there agree with this?


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