Book 803 Lorrie Moore – Anagrams


Reading Anagrams reminded me of  watching a Woody Allen film ; clever plot , witty one liners and lots of laughs.

Benna Carpenter is a person who depends entirely on words. In fact she makes up characters and invents imaginary conversations with them. In the process she invents certain aspects of her life.

However in reality she  teaches a poetry class , falls in love with a student and has a close relationship with her one her best friend Gerard. Unfortunately certain events take place and Benna has to face reality, ditch the anagrams and live life as it should.

With the exception of its heartfelt last section, Anagrams made me laugh out loud constantly. I’m a huge fan of puns and jokes so I found the book an extremely enjoyable read. Plus it’s much better than the short story collection I read last year. On the surface this may seem like chick lit but trust me it’s much deeper than that.




2 thoughts on “Book 803 Lorrie Moore – Anagrams

  1. selena September 13, 2011 / 5:06 pm

    this sounds like a super great read. i love the comments about the humour because i think you and i laugh at similar things 😀

    i’ve never read lorrie moore though, and i know i’ve seen the name around. is this the best first book to start with?

  2. deucekindred September 13, 2011 / 5:16 pm

    Oh yes – definitely!! In fact I read her short story collection and wasn’t that impressed. Anagrams is great. If you like constant punnage (like me) then you’ll be laughing constantly!

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