Book 802 Ngugi wa’ Thiong’o – Matigari


My first attempt at reading Ngugi wa Thiong’o was when I tackled A Grain of Wheat in 2005. I admit I did not like the book. Unfortunately with Matigari my view of this author did not change.

The novel is a political satire of  the corruption that became rampant during pot independent Kenya. Matigari is a sort of Jesus Christ/ rebel warrior figure who tries to restore order in a land he had fought in order for it to be free.

As such it’s not a bad book but I had trouble relating to it , even though I did my research on the Kenyan politics. At times I was frustrated by the very bad translation and by the end I got heavily irritated.

Until someone manages to translate this novel adequately then my opinion of it won’t really change. It’s out of print so I wouldn’t recommend making an effort to obtain it.




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