Book 799 – Kazuo Ishiguro – An Artist of the Floating World


With the exception of The Unconsoled, I am enjoying every single Ishiguro novel this list mentions.  An Artist… is his second book and explores his reoccurring themes. ; generation gaps and memory.

This time the setting is post war Japan and Ono, a semi retired painter is noticing that there is a new generation of Japanese people cropping up, A generation that is more cruel, Americanized yet confident and optimistic. Having been the ringleader of a movement that encouraged Japanese culture to be portrayed at its fullest.

As time passes we, as readers get to find out more about Ono’s past and the one act of  treachery that affected his future.

Although this is not Isihiguro’s best book, I would definitely say that this is the one that showed us what he is capable of doing and due to its success, paved the way for what was to come , namely The Remains of the Day.



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