Book 792 Gert Hofmann – The Parable of the Blind


After spending a month on Garcia Marquez, It’s funny that I finished The Parable of the Blind in 90 minutes. I guess reading speed always depends on the writing style.

Anyways the novel is about the journey six blind men take to Bruegel house in order to be painted. On the way they encounter some pitfalls and traps and even when they are being painted there are some accidents. By the way this painting actually does exist so Hofmann is creating a sort of ‘what if ‘ situation.

Really the book is about about navigating through your world when you have a sense lacking and the author manages to be both serious and humorous at the same time. It’s a very zippy and charming novel so despite the fact that it’s out of print, do check it out as it’s worth your time and money.


Book 793 Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Love in the Time of Cholera


Sometimes I tend to find Garcia Marquez’s prose a bit too flowery for my liking. Yes there are moments of beauty but now and then it can be a bit off-putting. However I must make an exception for Love in the Time of Cholera because it is a rare breed of love story, that is there’s tons of romance but it’s never overly sentimental.

The novel focuses on a complicated love triangle between Florentino Ariza , Fermina Daza and Juvenal Urbino. The thing is that this triangle spans over 50 years so the reader gets to know the personal histories of each character. Eventually Urbino dies (it’s not a spoiler) so Ariza tries his hardest to woo Daza’s heart for good.  The question is if he manages to succeed.

Love …. is a beautifully written novel. There are lots of flourishes and linguistic somersaults, not to mention the depth of the characters. Out of all the Garcia Marquez books I have read, this one was the most satisfying and bereft of his use of magical realism. If you want to start with Garcia Marquez then do begin with this.

I am quite amazed at the length of time it took me to read this novel. The thing is I’ve got a lot of  work at the mo so I can only squeeze in some reading early in the morning.  I thought I’d finish the 80’s section by Christmas but I think I’ll be finished with it by summer 2012.

We’ll see!