Men in Black – Barry Sonnenfeld (Dir)


Do all films require some type of deeper meaning? some existential metaphor disguised as potent symbolism. I think that no matter how hard you look, you’ll always be able to excavate something.

Well here’s the exception.

I first watched Men in Black in 2001 but due to constant background noise not much registered as I was annoyed AND I had to return the film the next day. Now that have given it a second viewing I can only describe this movie in one word.


Yes this film has no depth. It just consists of Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith fighting alien who try to conquer Earth. Eventually they come across a more psychotic alien called the bug, whose plans to destroy the Earth. You can guess the outcome.

Although weak on plot MiB excels in other ways. After 20 years the majority of the special effects are pretty good, namely one alien having his head shot off and it regrows. The jokes are good and I did laugh a few times and pacing is excellent. There’s no time to feel bored plus Jones and Smith work well together and their characters actually do develop a bit throughout the film.

Definitely no masterpiece but then again you don’t have to be challenged all the time. This is light entertainment with some cool visuals and now and then that’s ok.




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