The Barr Brothers – Queens of the Breakers


Back when I was a teenager I used to buy music based on an NME or Q review and sometimes the album would be a bit dodgy. Thankfully with the internet one can be sample albums before buying (fact: I still like physical copies of albums) I had no idea of who The Barr Brothers but I did listen to the title track of this album and thought it was rather good so I purchased the record. Then I did a bit of research.

The Barr Brothers hail from Canada and Queens of the Breakers is their third album. That’s really all that’s important. Musically the group straddle that world between folk and rock, that is there’s the full sound of a rock band and even quite few times keyboards crop up. Yet there’s a country vibe that runs through the album. One thing that I like is that despite the rich instrumentation Queens of the Breakers is a spacious album. Every instrument has breathing room, which results in songs that are easy to listen to. Choruses are present and the somber moments are perfect. Play it on Saturday night or Sunday morning, or late afternoon. It’s good for any occasion.

Queens of the Breakers is another of those surprise albums (see Lost Horizons)  I got this month. It is a solid listen that has enough surprises to warrant repeat plays. Although the days of Canada’s bands making the headlines is not as strong as it used to be, rest assured great music is still being produced there.



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