Justice League – Zack Snyder (dir)

justice league

Before I start this review I better include some backstories.

Backstory 1:

My introduction to DC characters did not happen through the comics but there were two events which helped shape my knowledge of the DC Universe. The first happened all throughout my childhood, when the one and only video store that was in the Indian reservation I lived in stocked superhero cartoons. Thus from 1985 – 1988 I watched TONS of DC and Marvel cartoons. Usually these cartoons contained the origin of a character and then a couple of one off adventures. The second event happened in 1987 when I received a encyclopedia of the DCEU. I read that from cover to cover constantly.So my everything I know about comic book adaptations are form secondary sources, rather than primary ones.

Backstory 2:

At first I was sceptical about the DCEU. I thought Man of Steel was a good, solid film, Batman vs Superman was patchy and had tons of potential to be a great film. Suicide Squad was a complete mess. Wonder Woman is definitely the best of lot and the best superhero film I watched this year, which leads us to Justice League.

Brief Summary:

Steppenwolf, a character who wreaked havoc many years ago has returned to in order to collect three boxes, which were taken away from him last time round. When the three boxes are put together they contain enough power to destroy the universe, which Steppenwolf manages to do. Batman finds out about the boxes and seeks out Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg in order to defeat Steppenwolf. Along the way they resurrect Superman, which results in a great big battle. Throughout the film the heroes realise that in order to be powerful they have to work as a team.

My Impressions:

I enjoyed watching this film. It respects canon and is a nice follow up to Batman vs Superman. All the new characters are given space to develop and us viewers get a strong picture of their personalities. I feel that each character in the league represents some sort of value i.e Wonder Woman symbolises compassion and that was brought out excellently. I did also like the part where Superman stops midway through fighting in order to save civilians. There are two main battles and they are fantastic and I mean seat gripping action. I like a villain that you want to punch and Steppenwolf encapsulated all that. Plus all characters have chemistry. Unlike previous DCEU films this one does have some good jokes, which I appreciated.

It’s not a perfect film though. I found the first half just a teensy bit slow and then the second half a bit too rushed but really it’s a small complaint. Once again dark colors dominated Justice League and I felt that Aquaman could have more screentime BUT he’s getting his own film next year, and it will be directed by James Wan.

Ultimately Justice League delivers and finally may trump Marvel regarding emotional depth but I do know that this is a generalisation. I do think though, this is a sign that consistency will now be a staple of the DCEU.



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