Holidays – Various Directors


Anthology films are the cinematic equivalent of short stories: On the the whole they are interesting but the quality varies. Saying that I find anthology films enjoyable due tot he eclectic nature of the segments, one of  my absolute favourites being September 11

Holidays is, as you can guess, an anthology of films based around popular holidays, however unlike films of this ilk, there are some uniting factors. One is that there’s a horror basis in all the films and secondly all these films are insane, whether within the plot or the visuals, or in the case of a couple of these segments, both.

Within the speedy hour and a half running time, I was creeped out, baffled and a couple of times I laughed. Despite the underlying themes, each director’s (the most famous being Kevin Smith) take on a holiday is memorable. Whether the over the top revenge tales (Valentine’s Day, Halloween, New Year’s Eve) the sinister (St. Patrick’s Day) or the Black Mirroresque (Christmas) there will be at least a couple of films which will be imprinted on your memory.  However the standout, or at least, the one that will divide opinions is Easter: A bizarre short in which a child learns the difference between Jesus Christ and the Easter Bunny. All I can say is that you’ll either find it shocking or plain stupid but you’ve NEVER seen anything like it.  As for the stinker, I wasn’t too keen on the Mother’s day short as I felt the idea was explored as deeply and came across as a bit melodramatic.

So should you watch Holidays? The answer is yes. It’s a good way to spend an evening, just don’t have any high expectations.


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