My year in Music and Top 10 Albums of 2017. Nos 10 & 9

Once again another year has gone and that means. LISTS!!!  As always, there will be one for music and books and then, hopefully next year i’ll include films.

2017 in Music

I felt that 2017 a good year for music, not a great year, but rather one where releases trickled at a constant rate. Strangely enough, the usual staples of my top 10 will not be in there. Thus no Arcade Fire, Mac DeMarco, Liars (a first), Queens of the Stone Age and even LCD Soundsystem. This is not to say that these albums were weak but I listened to others a bit more during the last twelve months. In fact, with the exception of one band, all the entries in my top 10 are in there for the first time.

Before I put together my top ten, I list down all the albums I’ve listened to and that see which ones got the most plays. 2017 was a year of guitar bands, which has been quite rare for me in the last few years.

Due to the fact that I was super busy during 2017, I did not manage to listen to quite a few major releases, including Kendrick Lamar’s Damn. Whoops. Maybe i’ll fix that in 2018.  Anyway here we go:

Number 10. Beck – Colors.

Beck Colors

After a disappointing run of albums Beck bounced back with an album of unabashed pop. Track after track in this album is stuffed with colorful pyrotechnics, sky high choruses and a general sense of fun and optimism. Despite a couple of weak moments, a lot of the music here recalls Beck’s days when he was a tastemaker albeit with shinier production values.This is the Beck album I have been waiting for.

Number 9. Pumarosa – The Witch.


London band Pumarosa’s debut album The Witch was a total impulse buy. I have heard the group’s name mentioned a couple of times in the press so I just decided to risk it. I was not disappointed. The Witch is a great album that mixes indie rock with hypnotic dancebeats. The stronger songs on this record start slow and then build up to a dizzy climax with a lot of instruments being thrown in the mix. Sometimes I feel that the band are still experimenting with their sound but I feel that one day Pumarosa will release a killer record. The seeds are definitely are present in this debut.


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