Top 10 Albums of 2017. Nos 4 & 3.

Number 4. Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile – Lotta Sea Lice.

Lotta Sea Lice

Let’s admit it, this collaboration was bound to happen. Both Vile and Barnett are similar in their musical M.O. : a mixture of 90’s alt, some country and a way with words and in this album they play off each other brilliantly.

Lotta Sea Lice has a bit of a mix tape feel to it. Both Barnett and Vile cover each other songs, chuck in some cover versions and play some originals. Despite having the appearance of a cobbled last minute idea, Lotta Sea Lice exudes cozy vibes, it’s like having a duvet over you on a cold day, with a mug of hot chocolate next to you. These songs are great and I’m REALLY hoping that this is not a one off.

Number 3. Daniele Luppi & Parquet Courts – Milano.


One of my favourite eras of music has got to be the post punk one. Obviously I was only a  few months old when it flourished but I was lucky to be in my mid 20’s when there was the revival and, trust me, I immersed myself totally in both the 1978(ish) and the 2003 wave.


Daniele Luppi is an Italian composer and a few years ago he helmed a thematic album about Rome. This time Milan gets the treatment and he teamed up with indie band Parquet Courts, with Yeah Yeah Yeahs Karen O guesting on a couple of tracks. Since Milan is considered the New York of Italy, there’s a huge post punk influence spattered throughout the record.

It is first class.

Rumbling bass, choppy guitar, saxophones, abstract lyrics, and more importantly, every track is catchy as hell. I feel that Milano was tailor made for me because it touches upon EVERYTHING that I like in guitar rock. All the tracks are brief, snappy and pack a punch. I always feel joyous inside when I listen to this album. An underground surprise.


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