Black Mirror S4, E3: Crocodile – John Hillcoat (Dir)



After watching two weak episodes, Crocodile, redeems itself, for the most part, but at this point it definitely is the stronger film and is more in line with the Black Mirror episodes of the first two seasons.

Mia and Rob are driving on a coast road after a night of clubbing and Rob accidentally runs over a cyclist. The couple then dump the man into the sea and drive off.

The story then takes place fifteen years later. Mia has become a successful architect also is married and with a kid. Rob hasn’t done so well due to his alcoholism. After Mia gives a talk, Rob meets her and wants to expose their mistake to the victim’s wife. Mia gets angry and kills Rob. After the deed she looks out of her hotel window and sees a man knocked over by a pizza delivery van.

At this juncture a subplot is introduced and insurance agent, Shazia,  is helping the victim of the pizza delivery accident remember the events of the evening by replaying his memories using a recalling device (a chip connected to a monitor). Due to the force of the accident he can remember the details but Shazia manages to track down all the people at the scene and she goes to Mia so that she can recall the scene and obviously the two killings show up on the monitor.

From this point onwards, the show loses a bit of credibility. Mia then goes on a killing  rampage and her last murder, which is a baby (we don’t see that, thank goodness) is watched by a pet guinea pig and the police then wire the animal to the recalling machine, discover it’s Mia and arrest her.

For a good forty minutes Crocodile is clever, well paced and teases the tension levels excellently. Then after Shazia’s murder it just descends into a schlockaton, the guinea pig bit more silly than intelligent. I did enjoy it though and I did like the way the two plots were entwined, it’s a pity that it ended on a farcical note.



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