Karl Blau – Out Her Space

Karl Blau - Out Her Space - Packshot-2[2]

I am a member of the Rough Trade Album Club and every month there are ten albums which are featured. All members get a ‘core’ album and then it is up to you check out the other ten. I usually buy an extra two albums and I make an effort not to purchase artists that I have heard of, obviously there are exceptions now and then.

In the case of Karl Blau, I have heard of him, mainly through the production credit on The Microphones rather awesome album, The Glow pt 2 uhhh you should listen to that record ASAP.

Anyway other than that Karl Blau is an enigma so I was glad to acquire this album. On reading the credits I found out that Out Her Space was recorded at Spacebomb Studios and Spacebomb head Matthew E. White  (uhhh check out his two solo albums – they are great) plays guitar. That got me excited.

Music-wise this album is filled with tracks that mash country with reggae. I know that sounds terrible but, Blau does it effortlessly and each song sounds so good! I honestly cannot highlight any track due to the sheer quality.

Other than the melodies, it is the details which grabbed me, be it a violin, tuba or a thumping bass, saying that, this is music that is not fussy , Blau’s wavering tenor is the main focus and all instruments are allowed breathing space.

There is variety as well. Valley of Sadness sounds like a long lost folky prog track from the 60’s. Poor the War Away is archetypal of the Country/Reggae fusion style and there’s a dub version which closes the album. Blue as My Name has a nice skippy feeling to it and then transforms into some mariachi number. There’s a good wholesome feeling to these tracks.

So yeah, check out this album. it’s fun, got some tunes and you’ll feel good afterwards. Out Her Space is the aural equivalent to a healthy breakfast. It will give you pep to face the day. Blau Flakes.



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