Black Mirror S4, E6: Black Museum – Colm McCarthy (dir)



The season finale of Black Mirror may not be the best episode but it is an important one as it confirms that the Black Mirror universe is indeed its own world. The reason being that there are physical details from previous seasons and episodes. Superficially it is one big homage.

The show itself is divided into three segments all feature Rolo Haynes describing his adventures in neurotechnology to Nish. The setting is the Black Museum, a museum where all the exhibits are from previous episodes of Black Mirror.

The three stories have a strong Roald Dahl vibe running through them. The first one deals with a doctor who installs a chip in his head that allows him to feel pain of his patients, however he starts to enjoy the painful sensations and this drives him to commit certain acts. The second story is about a man who installs a digital version of his recently deceased wife into his own brain, which ends badly and the third features Rolo creating a living hologram of a convicted prisoner and torturing it as entertainment within the Black Museum.

Soon we find out that Nish is the convicts daughter and she ends up killing Rolo and transferring a digital copy of him into her fathers’ brain and starts to torture him until the digital copies disappear.

As Nish is leaving we viewers find out that her mother is located in Nish’s brain and is congratulating her on her method of revenge.

I enjoyed this episode. The three stories had an anthology feel and kept me on my seat wanting more. More than anything it felt like a satisfying conclusion.

So what I think of Black Mirror Season 4 – well as such I disliked two episodes out of six , but I felt that only two episodes were brilliant while  the other two were good. Here’s my ranking – one being the best and 6 being the weakest.

  1. Hang the DJ
  2. Metalhead
  3. Black Museum
  4. USS Callister
  5. Crocodile
  6. Arkangel

Til the next season!


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