My Top 10 Compilations. Nos 10 – 6

One thing I enjoy doing is making mixes for people, (I even had a free compilation subscription service back int he mid 00’s), there’s something special about listening to a selection of tracks consisting of different genres, each track sounding exciting, especially if the compilation is well put together the tracks complement each other. Sometimes you’ll discover a new band. It’s also serves a statement of  your musical tastes or a great way to woo a person.  Over the next two days i’ll be listing compilation which have influenced my way of putting together mixes or simply compilations I enjoy listening to. I didn’t restrict myself  so I included dj mixes and soundtracks.

Number 10- Trainspotting – OST


The Trainspotting album was an important one for me as it was my first soundtrack (bought two days before Christmas in 1996, on cassette tape) and it introduced me to Iggy Pop, Lou Reed  and New Order. At the same time the other tracks on the compilation were exclusive songs from britpop bands so in every way this was a winner. This soundtrack was a huge influence on me, it proved that when tracks are well sequenced and mix becomes a sort of journey. It helps that every track is awesome, The brash opener Lust for Life   the dreamy Deep Blue Day , the funny Pulp song, and I thought the rave track was amazing.  The Trainspotting soundtrack was also the start of a habit I have of buying the soundtrack before watching the film.

Number 9 – Dj Kicks, Erlend Oye.

Erlend Oye

I’m not a huge fan of the Dj Kicks series but this mix is absolutely amazing and original too! Kings of Convenience’s Erlend Oye blends techno tracks but then sings popular songs. As an example mid way through the mix Erlend drops a Royksopp remix but sings The Smiths There is a Light that Never goes out over it. In some cases Oye will sing the intro of a song a cappella and then play the full track. On paper it sounds gimmicky but it works and the end result is a fun mix full of surprises. Plus the first track of the compilation is Jurgen Paape So Weit Wie Noch Nie, which is the best way to open a mix.

Number 8 – Late Night Tales: Air


The Late Night Tales formula is simple: take an artist and let him (so far they have all been males) compile a tracklist suitable for late night listening. However my favourite one to date has got to be Air’s selection, comprised mainly of soundtrack pieces, this compilation floats like a cloud. If any band took the late night philosophy to heart, then it’s definitely Air. This compilation cannot be played in the daytime. Trust me, I’ve tried.

Number 7 – Baby Driver – OST


As stated previously, I still haven’t seen Baby Driver but this heady mix of soul and early hip hop is pure perfection AND it’s a double album. Not one song sucks and this will get you dancing.

Number 6 – Fabriclive 39 – DJ Yoda


All my favourite dance mixes are of the cut and paste variety (but are all dance mixes cut and paste hmmm) I like it when a dj mixes an indie song and mashes it with a hip hop one and Dj Yoda does that on his mix. There are tons of genius moments and oddball surprises. The Salmon Dance/Coral mash up is my particular highlight. Although the last few tracks go intp hardcore dubstep territory, this is an album that will make you move from the moment you hear those klaxon horns.



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