The End of the F***ing World: John Entwhistle (Creator)

If I was 18 I would have loved The End of the F***ing World, it has a lot of things that would have appealed to me but now as a 39 year old, I see it as two and a half hours of angst, pouting and swearing but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The plot is simple: James thinks it is his destiny to kill someone so he targets Alyssa, after befriending her they decide to escape from their boring lives and go on a road trip. As things happen James kills a perpetrator and the duo are now on the run. On the way they discover they have feelings for each other and their personalities change.

This is where age makes a difference. I tried my hardest but in the end I saw James and Alyssa as a couple of whiny brats who try their hardest to be cool. Probably if I was younger I would have thought this to be edgy but now it’s just a lot of vacant stares and lower lips being prominent. Aside from this the show is not bad at all. There is character development, the overall aesthetic is good, some fantastic shots and the music is great: a mixture of soul, indiepop and French pop. The pacing is excellent and I did not get bored once. Let’s admit it , considering that when I was 18 the teen shows we had consisted of My so Called Life, Dawson’s Creek and vapid Peter Engel shows ( Saved by the Bell, Malibu C.A. and USA High) I can say that The Endof the F***ing World sets the bar pretty high. Really the only thing I intensely disliked was the unnecessary relationship between the two policeman. It doesn’t add anything and feels like an afterthought.

So yeah, give it a shot. No one really asked for a teen version of Bonnie and Clyde but at least this one is pretty good.




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