Fredrik Backman – Britt-Marie was here


In Fredrik Backman’s world, his main characters are generally lonely, have some sort of problem, then go through a change, at times it is funny, at times it is distressing. The people who surround the main character a eccentric but in a lovable way and someone dies but for Backman deaths actually have a weirdly feel good factor. In the end all problems are solved everyone lives happily ever after.

Backman’s books are the equivalent of comfort food; now and then you need them. Britt-Marie was here cements that.

Plotwise it is similar to Backman’s previous novel, A Man Called Ove. Loneliness , misfits a loyal animal, the sad moment and the happy moment. To be honest though I did not mind it and I do like the way Backman slowly reveals the predicament Britt-Marie finds herself in. True, A Man Called Ove has more charm but this is far from a bad novel. All I can say is that it’s ok but nothing more.


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