Amyl and the Sniffers – Big Attraction and Giddy Up



As I have mentioned in the past , every month I receive three cds from the Rough Trade Album Club. There’s the core and then with the remaining two, I tend to go to my comfort zone – genre-wise and Amyl and the Sniffers are definitely something that appeals to me.

I have no knowledge of Australian punk rock but from what I’ve read it is a mixture of  Ramones style punk with a dash of pub rock thrown in there. Amyl and the Sniffers indubitably have punk rock chops. These 10 songs ( the album is a compilation of two EPS) zoom by, with buzzsaw guitars and shouty choruses in just 19 minutes.

Lead singer Amy Taylor takes no crap whatsoever and her lyrics are scuzzy and foul mouthed but they are also funny and fun at the same time. This is music to pogo to or just to shake your body. I can bet that this band’s mosh pits are life threatening affairs.

Just like this album, this review is just a brief blast: try , buy , jump and shake. This is seriously energetic music that gets the heart beating and to be honest I have had that feeling in quite a while.


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