Khruangbin – Con Todo el Mundo


Houston psychedelic band, Khruangbin ( Thai for engine fly) have called their second album Con Todo El Mundo, which in English means everybody in Spanish. This is apt as the album has a global feel.

CTEM is a largely instrumental album, in fact the only words are usually just the odd phrases or just a bit of chanting, although Shades of Man has the band explaining to someone on how to pronounce their moniker but words are sparse.

Usually when I’m confronted with record that comprises of instrumentals, I tend to switch off but here its different and I attribute that to the variety of tracks, take bits and pieces from other cultures and create something unique.  Within the record’s 43 minutes I hear elements of middle eastern music, funk, Cambodian rock and on the standout track Evan Finds the Third Room the band play an upbeat fluid funky backbeat punctuated by someone saying yes every few seconds, thus creating a fun goofy track that oddly feels out of place from the dreamy feel of the album and yet it sounds right.

When Con Todo El Mundo sunk in, I was reminded of  my listening tastes of the mid to late 00’s when I was investing in bands who liked to cross cultures within the boundaries of rock music, two bands I was crazy about was Dengue Fever and Fool’s Gold. I’m not saying Khruangbin sound like these bands but personally I would like it if groups who cross pollinate their music styles would make a comeback.

What else can I say about this album? Nothing else really. It’s a great Sunday afternoon record, it flows at a relaxing pace and there’s a lot of interesting sounds to invest your ears in. Excellent.


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