Superorganism – Self-titled



Sometimes you come across a record that matches your personal style. What I mean by this is that the lyrics, melodies and general aesthetic are something you can relate to in a big way. For me, this how Superorganism’s debut record felt to me. It hit me in every single way.

Superorganism are an eight piece band consisting of members hailing from different countries and continents, their style of music is a poppy electronica that also melds guitars with the big beats. The whole project is united by the laconic vocals of Orono. At times I was reminded of the crazy sampledelia of The Avalanches. At other times Fat Boy Slim came to mind, weirdly enough I thought of Aphex Twin and Moldy Peaches as well.

This is a busy record; beats thump,croak, burble, pop and fart. There is also use of found sounds. Sometimes I was sure I heard the sound of people chewing food, children laughing,water flowing, opening cans and typing on keyboards. Despite all these sounds Superorganism is a coherent record packed with enough fun to keep the tunes bright and catchy.  I cannot single out a single track because they are all good. The slacker pop of Everybody wants to be Famous , The cartoony The Prawn Song , The weird lyrics of Nobody Cares, the closing track Night Time flirts with Drum and Bass;  it is  the most colorful sounding album you’ll hear all year.

It was definitely a good idea to release this album during the colder months simply because I cannot wait to listen to this album during the summer season. Superorganism’s debut screams summertime due to the feel good factor this record exudes. In world that plagued with scandals and wars, Superorganism will provide a half hour escape into a more innocent place.



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