Soccer Mommy – Clean



Weirdly enough, the album I thought I would ‘get’ within a couple of spins actually took a while to sink in and this is totally within my comfort zone. Go figure.

Soccer Mommy is the project of Sophie Allison and it’s a collection of ten confident indie rock  songs with the odd folky moment . Think of Waxahatchee or Mitski or if you want to go further back I am reminded of Mirah.  In one sense the music is excellent – the choruses come at the right time, there are head shaking melodies galore and there are little tricks that keep the music interesting. Plus Allison is a lyricist who is not afraid to bare all . This is an album without pretensions whatsoever.


Why did it take me such a long time to let Clean to infiltrate my brain? In theory this should be the easiest listen ever, I mean my formative music years were dominated by 90’s sounding alt rock.  Am I of the wrong demographic? Am I growing out of this genre? I still don’t have an answer but I am glad that Clean has sunk in because it is quite a debut.



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